Event strategy consulting

Our working method, from brief up to post-event review

Strategy consulting

A senior team is dedicated to your needs and orients you towards the best positioning of your event after integrating your strategy and your corporate culture.

Design and creation

Proposal of an innovative concept based on a thorough study, in synergy with the objectives to be attained.

Coordination/reverse planning

Organisation of coordination meetings according to the progress of the project designed to support you throughout the preparation.

Production and Logistics

Total project management of production and logistics in human and technical terms.

Outcome measurement assistance

After the project, we offer a tool to measure the impact of the event and message comprehension..

Our three core objectives

  • emotion and memory
    Stimulating the emotions of participants so that the event stays in their memory.
  • participation
    Focussing on active participation in order to strengthen the sense of belonging and developing relationships.
  • comprehension
    Clear messages designed to create an atmosphere of exchange and cohesion among groups.
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