French Meeting

French Meeting is meant for a professional clientele who wish to organise, in France, an event or a stay, individually or in groups, which is out of the ordinary and characterised under the category of the French art of living refinement.

Study trips, group cohesion and team stimulation trips, meetings for campaign launches and presentation of new products, etc.

French Meeting develops high-quality personalised and turnkey solutions.

Accommodation, catering, transport, logistics, activities, meetings, etc.: services provided by French Meeting are based on a network of creative and high quality partners at the most prestigious French destinations: Paris, Bordeaux, the Côte d'Azur, Burgundy and Champagne, Deauville and the Normandy coast.


In each of these regions, French Meeting has selected:

  • Hotel establishments and top of the line restaurants
  • Private and off-beat visits, with privileged and VIP access, to the most distinctive sites and monuments
  • Original ways of discovering regions, accompanied by professionals from various domains, from wine-growers to perfumers.
  • Creative activities supervised by top quality professionals: artists for artistic workshops, starred chefs for gastronomic cooking courses, etc.

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